Since the outbreak of COVID-19, many Irish companies and SME’s are considering changing their supply chain vendors. Marketing – and in particular, digital marketing – is a business function which is now under scrutiny more than ever. Businesses have been forced into adapting their marketing and general operations to be compatible with best-practices in the online world, and to ensure that they are being as cost-efficient as possible whilst doing so.

There has never been a better time – or a greater need – for businesses to review their marketing agency.

Big Wheel is dedicated to helping fellow Irish companies and organizations adapt to the new digital-centric business environment we are all faced with. We are experts in all forms of marketing with world-class experience and with over 20 years’ experience in digital marketing. We can provide:

  • Full marketing solutions, acting as a seamless part of your resource team to cover all your marketing functions.
  • Digital transformation consultancy and services, helping you adapt your business infrastructure to the online world.
  • Online marketing including social media management, online advertising and lead generation via Google and other digital platforms, and CRM / email marketing.
  • Video production, with our current output producing engaging content using stock footage and 2D / 3D animation to overcome filming restrictions as a result of COVID-19.
  • PR, communication and copywriting services.
  • Design, branding and visual content production services.

We are offering:

  • A free one-hour video consultation.
  • A further 10% discount on agreed engagement costs.
  • 60-day payment terms for the first project.

If your business needs help in any of these areas, please get in touch with us. Consultations are free, and businesses with reduced cash-flow can avail of our longer payment window.

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