Big Wheel Marketing is an approved Digitalisation Advisor to support Enterprise Ireland’s “Digitalisaiton Voucher” scheme.

The scheme provides a 100% funded grant of €9,000 to support projects geared towards digital automation, improving digital customer experience and becoming a data-driven business. Companies with 10 or more full-time employees – or who had 10 or more employees on Feb 29th 2020 – are eligible to apply to the scheme.

The qualifying business sectors are Manufacturing and Internationally Traded Services, the list of which is as follows:

  • Data processing and electronic commerce
  • Technical and consulting services
  • Commercial laboratory services
  • Administrative/service centres, co-ordination and headquarters services
  • Research and development services
  • Media, multimedia and recording services
  • Entertainment and leisure services
  • Training services
  • Publishing services
  • International Financial services
  • Healthcare services
  • Construction related services
  • Environmental services
  • Supply Chain Management and Logistics Management services
  • Commercial international standards bodies
  • Technology test centres
  • Prototype laboratory services
  • Intellectual property services
  • Group Procurement
  • Shipping services
  • Education Services

If you would like to speak to us about supporting your company in an application for the scheme, email us on info@bigwheel.org or call +353 86 381 1563. Alternatively you can complete the contact form opposite.

Click here to link directly to the Enterprise Ireland page relating to the scheme.