Want to level up your business into the digital space?
A grant of up to €80,000 (funded to 80%) can be yours.

Another round of the Online Retail Scheme is just around the corner. Since 2020, businesses across the country have availed of the scheme, receiving funding to invest in developing their digital capabilities, and growing into international markets.

The scheme is open to Irish owned retail enterprises with 10 or more full time employees. You must have had a physical retail presence since February 2020 and already have a digital presence and website, even if it is basic.

Big Wheel Marketing has supported a number of companies in applying to the previous three rounds of the scheme, and we have a 100% success record of obtaining funding for eligible companies.


As a full service consultancy and agency, we are able to provide support to retailers across many different disciplines of the digital marketing an e-commerce spectrum.

Ways That We Can Help

Consultancy to provide a clear, best-in-class direction for your business in terms of your value proposition, digital marketing pillars and tools / resources required to grow your e-commerce success.

The creation of highly engaging video and other related content paired with best-practice usage of the digital marketing channels available to your business to attract, gain and retain online customers.

Detailed analysis and optimization of your website and all marketing channels to maximise the percentage of website visitors converting from lookers to bookers.

Knowledge Transfer
Teaching and empowering your team to take control of their own e-commerce destiny via a programme of digital marketing education, upskilling and support.

Technical Platform Expertise
Solution architecture services to ensure that your overall e-commerce platform(s) are operating at the highest levels of both operational and cost efficiency – ranging from website, mid-office, back-office and EPOS.

Using our expertise as international specialists to identify markets, strategic targets and digital marketing tactics to launch or grow your e-commerce business overseas.

In addition, Big Wheel can combine one or more of these pillars into a single project, or even provide support for completely bespoke projects which do not fall neatly within any of these categories.

If you are interested in partnering with Big Wheel to apply for a grant, contact us on 086 381 1563 or info@bigwheel.org, or complete the contact form below.

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